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This can cause really serious health conditions, including cardiovascular disease and harm to the nerves and kidneys. These are generally known as diabetic issues. Complications contain:

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a condition in which there is often an excessive amount sugar in the blood. suikersiekte, diabetes مَرَض السُّكَّري диабет diabetes cukrovka der Diabetes sukkersyge διαβήτης, ζάχαροdiabetes suhkurtõbi مرض قند؛ دیابت diabetes diabète סַכֶּרֶת मधुमेह रोग dijabetes cukorbaj kencing manis sykursÿki diabete 糖尿病 당뇨병 diabetas, cukraligė diabēts, cukurslimība diabetes suikerziektesukkersykecukrzyca ديابيت، دشكرى نا روغى، يو ډول نا روغى چه متيازى يى ډيرى ځى او نا روغه پر له پسې ضعيفه كيږى او دخپل بدن درنښت بايلى diabetes diabet диабет cukrovka sladkorna bolezen dijabetes diabetes โรคเบาหวาน şeker hastalığı 糖尿病 діабет, цукрова хвороба ذیابیطس bệnh đái tháo đường 糖尿病

We also have to have a hormone termed insulin. It’s made by our pancreas, and it’s insulin that enables the glucose in our blood to enter our cells and gasoline our bodies.

Oral diabetes medicines are medicines you just take by mouth to assist Handle your blood sugar stage.

→ مَرَضُ السُّكَّر cukrovka sukkersyge Diabetes διαβήτης diabetes diabetes diabète dijabetes diabete 糖尿病 당뇨병 diabetes diabetes cukrzyca diabete, diabetes диабет diabetes โรคเบาหวาน şeker hastalığı bệnh tiểu đường 糖尿病

Kadang-kadang, kita terlepas pandang bahawa Allah mengatur segala-galanya. Mungkin Dia mahu kita bertemu orang lain, yang lebih baik untuk kita dan memberikan orang yang lebih baik kepada orang yang kita cintai.

Diabetes, both of two Conditions on the endocrine program. For information about the dysfunction brought on by the body’s inability to supply or respond to insulin and characterized by irregular glucose amounts while in the blood, see

diabetes mellitus. For information concerning the dysfunction characterized by extreme thirst and dilute urine, attributable to lack read more of the antidiuretic hormone vasopressin, see

Although diabetes can’t be cured, you can however Reside an extended and healthy existence. The single most crucial thing you are able to do is Manage your blood sugar zakar stage. You are able to do this by taking in right, training, sustaining a healthy fat, and, if required, getting oral medicines or insulin.

Tipis bukan beerti nipis! Wanita yang memiliki bibir tipis pada umumnya banyak mulut dan suka website membicarakan hal-hal yang kadangkala boleh disifatkan sebagai tidak wajar. Suka melakukan sesuatu dengan caranya sendiri tanpa mempedulikan apa kata orang lain.

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